A quality tutoring organisation like Cluey is a vital partner for homeschool parents. We can ensure that your child’s learning programme is fully aligned with his or her needs while also meeting the Ministry of Education's criteria.

why choose Cluey Learning homeschool tutoring support

No one person can do it all

We all have our strengths — school subjects at which we naturally seem to excel — but very few people have the skills and knowledge to teach across all subjects. Even professional teachers limit their area of expertise to two or three subjects.

This can be challenging for homeschooling parents, who are often running a one man show, so to speak, and who are required to teach across a range of topics and subjects to fulfill their curriculum requirements.

Perhaps essay structure or Shakespeare aren’t your forte. Or maybe you aced history and English but struggle with numeracy (because calculus can be cruel!). An expert tutor can supplement your learning programme, offering a bit of variety, ensuring your children learn at the highest possible level in every subject and relieving you of some of the teaching load.

Cluey’s knowledgeable and friendly tutors not only provide a personalised teaching experience which supports or supplements your homeschooling programme, they can also create quality content, including practice exercises and learning materials, in areas you feel less confident.

As experts in online tutoring for thousands of students across the country, we’re ready to help you enhance your homeschool programme in whichever areas you need us.

Online tutoring which fits with your schedule

There are a range of reasons families might choose homeschooling, from religious or philosophical motivations to sporting or travel commitments, special needs or simply a preference over local options. In many of these cases, accessing a reliable local tutor who meets the individual needs of your child can be challenging, especially if you’re on the go or living remotely.

Cluey’s online model means that your child can log in to our online learning platform from anywhere, utilising our video, audio and collaborative whiteboard capabilities. You can submit work for feedback between sessions and you get access to all session recordings for review.

All you need is an internet connection.

What’s included with your Cluey enrolment

  • An expert tutor who will log on and meet you for live, online sessions
  • Access to our digital learning platform, including video, audio and a collaborative whiteboard
  • The option to personalise your curriculum or follow our recommendation
  • A programme created by education experts and taught by fully vetted and caring tutors matched to the needs of your child
  • Access to unlimited practice questions to complete between sessions
  • Access to all session recordings for review
  • Feedback reports after every session, which can help you meet homeschooling requirements.

What our homeschooling parents are saying…

Billie Thompson started homeschooling about two and a half years ago, but found it harder to work through the literacy requirements as her two teenage children progressed.

“It was something that we always ended up arguing about because they always thought I was having a go at them when I was actually just trying to give them some direction,” she says.

“Because of the friction that the type of senior literacy component causes within our family, I decided to look outside of the box and try and find something where they could be taught, as opposed to being tutored.

We looked at local tutors and I looked online, and that’s where Cluey came along. There are other providers who do online tutoring, but they don’t look outside of the box when someone says, “I want you to take over the literacy component of my curriculum”. That’s basically what Cluey does for us.”

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