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Join over 33,000 students
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Help make a difference to a student's life.

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A Cluey tutor


Whether you're a university student or a teacher, we're looking for enthusiastic educators who are passionate about providing quality teaching



Are you a university student looking to make a difference?

Help school students in their learning journey


Work around your schedule

We know you have classes, exams and other commitments, so we work with you and your weekly schedule to fit in your Cluey sessions, which typically take place between 3pm and 9pm (NZDT) on weekdays or during the day on weekends.

Stable income & competitive rates

Cluey can provide you with a stable, regular workload at a competitive rate. We handle a range of challenges for you such as finding students, lesson planning and preparation, and admin tasks to free you up to focus and get paid for the actual online tutoring work you do.

Develop and gain skills for the workplace

We will help you develop a range of cognitive and communication skills that will be valuable in all future workplaces, such as digital literacy, mentoring, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.



Are you a teacher looking for extra work that's rewarding?

And also fits around your commitments


Convenience and flexibility

As a professional educator we understand you have a range of commitments that can include teaching, class preparation and your family. Your online Cluey sessions can accommodate your schedule and location, with sessions typically taking place between 3pm and 9pm (NZDT) on weekdays or during the day on weekends.

Supplement your income

Cluey can provide you with a stable, reliable workload with regular income doing work that utilises your skills and experience and has a real impact on the students right across the country.

You're busy, so we make it easy for you

We take care of various activities so you can focus on helping your students, so an hour spent with them doesn't also mean extra hours spent on lesson preparation, admin and managing your customer relationship.



What does tutoring online at Cluey look like?

  • Teach regular (weekly) lessons online using our live, real-time collaborative learning platform from the convenience of your own home.
  • Our expert education team have designed and built learning programmes based on the New Zealand curriculum that contain all the content you’ll need. This means no lesson planning or content sourcing on your part, freeing you up to focus on teaching and collaborating with your students.
  • Set learning goals and adapt your student’s learning plan over time to reflect their progress, building their confidence and technique while reinforcing active learning.
  • Provide feedback after each session and assign practice questions between sessions to aid in review and revision.
  • We take care of many tasks that can add unpaid time when tutoring a student. We handle finding students, scheduling sessions, managing their enrolments, organising billing and payments, and student support.
  • Receive continual support as a Cluey tutor from the Tutor Care team, our extensive tutor community and our education team. This includes access to best-practice training, videos, content, technical and scheduling support.



What we look for

  • Strong numeracy or literacy experience plus an understanding of the New Zealand education system
  • Strong, proven subject knowledge
  • Ability to work with students in a 1-to-1 or small group context
  • Ability to articulate a concept clearly
  • Understanding of how to adapt teaching style to serve the needs of each student
  • Commitment to the education of children
  • Very good communication skills
  • Friendly and approachable personality
  • Based in New Zealand with full working rights and the ability to provide 10 hours of availability per week

Here’s what some of our online tutors say about Cluey


University Student

Working at Cluey is absolutely incredible. Not only is it such an amazing environment to work in, it feels like every day we’re moving as a team to achieve our goals to improve the learning of bright young minds - one student at a time.


University Student

Cluey Learning is a welcoming environment that supports tutors such as myself to develop their own skills while making learning for students fun and convenient. Cluey Learning provides me with a wide range of resources to help me cater to students of all ages and skill levels. Working at Cluey Learning has been a satisfying experience, and its flexibility has allowed me to efficiently balance my work and university life!


University Student

Working at Cluey has been an incredible experience. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to hone my skills as an educator and an academic. My favourite part of working at Cluey is building relationships with my students and watching them grow. I love seeing students' confidence levels rise and their enthusiasm for learning blossom. To work at Cluey means to be a part of a community of learners and educators, to be supported and respected.



Working at Cluey is a great fit for me. Since I had my first child I have been unable to return to teaching due to a lack of childcare in my area. Cluey offered what I was looking for - an Australian based company with a good hourly rate and flexible working conditions. Cluey also provides ongoing professional development, something that was not an option with other companies. The tech support is very good and friendly! If you are looking for a professional online tutoring role, they are a great option.



Working with different students is one of the best things about Cluey Learning. The online learning platform is easy to use and I am able to see first hand the growth of my students as we progress through the content. Each week I look forward to talking with my students, seeing how they are going at school and identifying the best way I can help them during the session to achieve their best.



Cluey Learning provides me with an exciting opportunity to present engaging, highly organised content in a way that speaks to students as individuals, and as learners. I believe that a positive relationship is the foundation of education, and Cluey excels in providing that environment. It’s encouraging to be involved with a group that really cares!



Cluey is an amazing environment to work in. The platform is highly professional and links to the New Zealand Curriculum well. The best part is the one-on-one time you spend with the children, something which is not always possible in a crowded classroom. You can see each of your students grow, which gives me great pride. You also meet different children and learn about their lives. You build amazing relationships with the students which you begin to treasure.


University Student

Working at Cluey Learning allows me to share my passion for reading and writing with budding young learners and refine my skills as a Masters student in Speech Pathology. The best part is seeing a student experience a “light-bulb” moment - they begin to understand something that felt so incredibly difficult to comprehend before.


University Student

Cluey is a platform for students and tutors to interact in the comfort of their home. It is an innovative idea and allows both students and tutors to interact without the need for travelling which can be complicated for young students or university tutors.

How to become a Cluey online tutor

Step 1

View jobs and submit your application

View our available tutoring jobs and apply online with your details and your most up to date resume.

Step 2

Start our interview process

If you’re someone we’d like to chat to further, we’ll contact you about starting our multi-stage interview process.

During the interview process, we’ll check your qualifications and perform a video interview. We’ll also need to perform a police check.

Step 3

Congratulations! You’re a Cluey Tutor

Once you’ve successfully passed our interview process, you’re well on your way to start tutoring with Cluey. We’ll help onboard you and provide all the training you need to get started with the first of many sessions.

Current online tutoring jobs

Frequently asked questions

Tutors are the face of Cluey Learning. They provide engaging and informative learning sessions to our students.

Tutoring is a very rewarding job as it allows you to help students progress with their studies. You get the opportunity to form strong relationships with your students. As an online tutor you get to work from home and all the content is provided for you. No need to plan lessons or schedule sessions. Simply log on, tutor and log off!

We look for people who are experts in their discipline that have a strong passion to share their knowledge and help students to excel.

Based on your experience and qualification/s contractor rates range from $22 per hour tutoring session and increase to $30 for qualified specialist teachers. You will get paid into your nominated account on a fortnightly basis.

As independent contractors you are not required to be physically based in New Zealand, but you will need to have knowledge of the New Zealand curricula, a NZ bank account and an IRD number. 

Our students are based all across New Zealand.

Absolutely, the majority of our tutors have never tutored online previously. We provide training to ensure you are confident before your first session.

We provide paid training to allow you time to get comfortable with the platform, as well as support, follow up and feedback.

After you have submitted your resume, your application will be considered. If you are selected to attend an interview you will be notified via email. If you are selected to continue after your interview the next stage is to submit a video application. Depending on the outcome an offer may be made, and you will begin your journey as a Cluey tutor.

Our interviews take place via Microsoft teams. The recruitment team will send you a meeting invite with a link to access the interview for your scheduled interview time.

All of our sessions are recorded for quality assurance. We need to ensure you are clear and comfortable speaking into a camera.

Our Tutor Acquisition Team can be contacted by email at