7 Tips to prepare your kids for school camp

Going on an overnight school camp is an amazing experience that builds resilience and confidence, but that first time away can also be a little scary. Here’s some good advice for new campers and the...

School holiday activities for Kiwi kids

Looking for ideas to keep your kids entertained during the holidays without breaking the bank? See our top tips for having fun while getting the creative juices flowing.

Building resilience in children and teenagers

Teachers, the school and parents play a huge part in building a child’s resilience so they can maintain a positive mindset and are well equipped to thrive in the world.

Homeschooling in New Zealand. How does it work?

Thinking about teaching your child at home? Homeschooling is on the rise in New Zealand but before you decide, let’s look at the benefits and challenges.

How to make sense of New Zealand school reports

School reports detail the progress of students and inform parents of any issues or challenges that could affect their child’s learning. Here’s how it works.

Additional learning support for your child

Some extra support with learning can help children thrive but sometimes, a specialist school is the best option. Let’s explain the options and potential actions.

New Zealand School types explained

There are different types of schools in New Zealand that you can choose for your child and there are also other options than mainstream schooling. Let’s explain.

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