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Primary Maths

Year 6 Maths

Welcome to Year 6 Maths, where your child will use a wider range of mental and written strategies to solve problems efficiently and to explain their reasoning.

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Year 6 Maths Trial Session

We’ve got the curriculum covered


Multiplication tables



Statistics and Probability

Problem solving skills

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We’ve got all your child's learning goals covered

Need to address a specific need?

Perhaps the classroom just isn’t meeting all of your child's learning needs or they want to prepare for a specific assessment.

Let's build a learning programme for

How does our approach to learning work?

Tailored tutoring with a plan

The learning programme

Structured around your child's individual needs and goals, our learning programmes adapt over time to build confidence and offer the right help at the right time.

Quality content

  • Developed by our experienced education team, the content in our learning programmes is structured according to your child's skill level and individual needs.
  • We use a range of approaches to meet the needs of different students. Our approach is always clear and unambiguous, and designed to help your child thrive.
Meet our education team

Tutoring sessions

  • Live, face-to-face and online
  • Expert tutors matched to your child's needs
  • Demonstration, guided exercises and reviews
  • Designed to be fun and engaging
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Practice exercises

Optional practice questions and exercises to work through between sessions.


Regular reporting

Feedback after every session helps you keep track of your child's progress.

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Flexibility to suit busy family schedules

Learn from home (or anywhere) via our online platform.


Schedule sessions when they suit you, between 7am and 10pm, 7 days per week.


Reschedule easily when things get busy

Consistent learning leads to progress that matters

From step one to step done, we're with your child for their entire learning journey.


Session recordings allow your child to revise at any time.


Progress reports ensure your child is getting the right help at the right pace.


Guided tutoring helps your child realise their potential.

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Let's build a learning programme for

Experts in Primary Maths

Cluey Expert

Meet Dr Selina Samuels

Dr Samuels and her Education team developed Cluey's unique CENTRE approach, and have created interactive learning programs that map to the curriculum and allow students to work at their own level and pace.

Maths Tutoring Program Based on the Curriculum

Cluey's Primary Mathematics learning programmes are based on the New Zealand Curriculum for K-6 and focus on core numeracy skills, including times tables in the early years, and fractions, decimals, percentages, angles and simple algebra in the senior years. Our personalised approach gives your child the opportunity to slow down in the areas they find challenging to ensure they ‘get it’.

Meet some of our 2,521+ expert Primary Maths tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional NCEA achievers or experts in their respective fields.

Cluey tutor


University Student (Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences)

Mathematics: Primary, Intermediate & Secondary

English: Primary & Intermediate

Natalie completed her Year 12 certificate with an ATAR of 90.50. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Macquarie University. Natalie is passionate about developing long term study skills and techniques. In her tutoring sessions, she aims to improve her students' academic independence and confidence, empowering them to succeed throughout their educational journey.

Cluey tutor



Mathematics: Primary & Intermediate

English: Primary, Intermediate & Secondary

Felicity currently works as a Numeracy and Literacy Teacher at a school where the majority of students don't speak English as their first language. She has also worked as a Teacher's Aide in classrooms with children who have special learning needs. Felicity understands the importance of extra patience and effort with special needs students to ensure these students are gaining a thorough and conceptual understanding of their work. She is confident in methods to help encourage and develop speech, as well as interaction in social situations.

Cluey tutor


University Student (Bachelor of Law and Arts)

Mathematics: Primary & Intermediate

English: Primary, Intermediate & Secondary

Sky is currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts at Macquarie University. She has previous experience tutoring Mathematics and English. Sky is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm with her students and making a positive impact in their lives and inspiring them to become life-long learners.

We’ve helped families around New Zealand

From catching up, building confidence and excelling in school, parents and students alike agree that Cluey works.


Only 0.4% of students rate their experience as 'boring'. That’s a stat we can get 'on-bored' with.


85% of parents agree their child is more confident.

Cluey is helping students with a wide range of learning needs

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She is proud of the improvements she is making

“My daughter is in year 6 and HATES maths and as a result has fallen behind her peers. I was very concerned with her basic ability and reached out to Cluey for some help. They contacted me immediately and have provided a great platform for my daughter to get the help she needs. And, she is proud of the improvements she is making so I think she hates maths a little less now - which is fantastic. Good platform and good feedback from the tutor. Very happy with Cluey. Thank you!”
Troy Smith
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